Organic Rock
-Organic Rock-  By Jesse J. Smith

Jesse J. Smith

This is the fourth album I've written & performed myself, and the follow-up to Rhythm Cargo, who's recording sessions ran directly into Organic Rock's, but instead of continuing the free-for-all with the songwriting, I wanted to focus more on the rock side, but still have the song variety. I used less keyboard so more attention would be on the guitar and the sound effects I could make with it, and the songs were faster as well. A lot of these songs were first written with the recorder running, and some of what you're hearing is the first time it was played.

The artwork was a bit of a departure in color. I went with brighter colors, and used a lot of white for the backgrounds. However, it did keep up the tradition of abstract art, and not including any text on the cover.

Released in 2009, then re-released in 2011 with a second disc of single versions of all its songs.

Use the "Download Sample" link to save individual song samples to your computer.
Individual song samples are 320k mp3's, and are about a minute in length.
The "Download" link is a 320k mp3 song, and is all 14 album samples edited together into one big track.

Disc 1
Organic Rock

Organic Rock
(All 14 samples together as one song file - 29mb / 12min 25sec)

1- Mako
Download Sample
2- Digital Gold Guitar
Download Sample
3- Wah Wah Wild
Download Sample
4- Kingdoms Of Rhythm
Download Sample
5- The Trail
Download Sample
6- Make A Difference
Download Sample
7- IRON Chord
Download Sample
8- MasterVolume
Download Sample
9- Starlights & Soul
Download Sample
10- Streets After Dark
Download Sample
11- From Beyond The Grave
Download Sample
12- Rebel
Download Sample
13- Evening Dreams
Download Sample
14- Orca
Download Sample

Disc 2

Organic Rock (Expanded Edition)

1- Mako (Single Version 2- Digital Gold Guitar (Single Version 3- Wah Wah Wild (Single Version
4- Kingdoms Of Rhythm (Single Version 1 5- The Trail (Single Version 6- Make A Difference (Single Version
7- IRON Chord (Single Version 8- MasterVolume (Single Version 9- Starlights & Soul (Single Version
10- Streets After Dark (Single Version 11- From Beyond The Grave (Single Version 12- Rebel (Single Version
13- Evening Dreams (Single Version 14- Orca (Single Version 15- Kingdoms Of Rhythm (Single Version 2

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"'s hard to stress how enjoyable this CD is, especially when set against the backdrop of very angry rock that seems to dominate the scene today.
Here is some proof that it's still possible to just rock without raging."
- Donny Harvey / Muzik Reviews

"The guitars squeal and belt out riffs of lively disposition with a certain passion that never gets out of hand." - Matt Howarth /

-Organic Rock-  By Jesse J. Smith

Album Description
Instrumental Rock, with some Electronica & a Jazz song.
My fourth album was created with a focus on rock music. Keyboard synth was cut back, and most of the songs have their sounds created by guitar. In fact, "The Trail" has all its "sound effects" created by guitar. Though don't think that keyboard was left off the album, as several songs still feature the electronica blend.
Also, there's no compression, or EQ changes (so EQ your stereo to flat when possible).

The second disc is set to the same track order, but with shorter song lengths, and changes the dynamics of the original album; creating an alternative version to the original that can be played as is, or used to mix your own version of the album.

Original Album Details:
14 Songs / 14 Tracks
63 minutes
1 Standard Compact Disc
Standard size jewel case with full color art
Glossy color booklet stapled

Expanded Album Details:
29 Songs / 29 Tracks
109 minutes total


Performed, Written & Recorded By:
Jesse J. Smith

Recording Details:
This album was recorded with an old, high-end, digital mixer/recorder; with Electric Guitars, Electric Bass, Tube Amps, a Keyboard, Wah, Cymbals, Microphones, Delay, Maracas, Distortion, High Gain Distortion, Octave Fuzz, Flanger, Phase Shifter, Chorus & Reverb. These songs were made between August 2008 & April 2009.

Song Information:
 Mako: Mako was a fun song to record, and I think it is my best guitar & bass playing on the album. I believe it was recorded rather quickly.

 Digital Gold Guitar: This came from another song I did called "Digital Gold", (which will be on a future album). I experimented on it by changing the synth bassline, with distorted octave fuzz guitar. After adding guitar to the song, I added it to the title as well; and feeling that both versions were good, I decided to make two songs out of it. I was thinking about doing a similiar thing to all the songs for what would become the "Organic Rock" album, but decided against it when it became clear it was going to become a rock album.

 Wah Wah Wild: Created very quickly, finished in like three days. I thought it was quite interesting how it turned out, and had a very unique sound to it. I think it ended up having only 6 audio tracks.

 Kingdoms of Rhythm: This song was the most fun, and I like how upbeat & happy it turned out; my rare use of the guitar's tremelo arm worked really well on that song.

 The Trail: The Trail is one of my most unique songs. All those sounds on it are made with the guitar. I remember making it very quickly. I think I had been playing the rhythm part before the recording of the song, but I'm not sure.

 Make A Difference: I liked the feeling of this song a lot. I thought some of the lead guitar worked really well, and the changes in direction of the song gave it a diverseness. It was also one of the rare times I have two guitars playing the rhythm part exactly, but I don't think for all of it.

 IRON Chord: I thought this was going to be the best song on the album after I first recorded its main guitar track, but it was plagued with a major problem, one that changed the way I would record. What I would do is, set the keyboard to play a drum loop, so I could keep time with it, and record it on my recorder. But what I found happens is, the drum loop would slowly get off beat with the measures on the recorder, and by the time a few minutes passed, it would be way off. You wouldn't know it by listening, though. This makes the song incredibly difficult to work on, but when you have a good sounding recording, you don't want to try to re-create it again. This made the song beyond my skill at the time, and I felt I didn't get it up to it's full potential. But I did figure-out that I could take a few measures of a drum loop, and manually loop the groups of measures myself on the recorder, and the drums would be exact on the beat no matter how long the song was.

 From Beyond The Grave / Rebel: From Beyond the Grave wasn't meant to actually happen. Usually I use a temporary drum track to keep beat while I record the song, then I record the drums last; but I wanted to make a really heavy rock song and start with the drums first. I've always played, not programmed, the drums on the keyboard, so while I had the drums for the entire, unwritten, song done, I played with the clavi sound on the keyboard, and accidentally wrote the song. So I still wanted to use that drum track for the heavy rock song I was imagining I'd write, and that is why it has the same drums as Rebel, though I ended up doubling the drums for part of Rebel to make them sound heavier. Rebel, though, didn't end-up being as heavy as I was originally imagining, but I still like it. From Beyond the Grave is also interesting in that it uses the keyboard bass I originally did for the unintentional song. I was going to re-record it on my real bass, but I felt that since I was just going to try to re-create exactly what I did before, what I already had sounded good, so I just left it.

Evening Dreams / Orca: Evening Dreams was kind of a carry-over of the jazz from my previous album, and I thought it went well at the end of the album as the transition song into Orca, which was a lot more electronica than the rest of the album. I considered actually not including those two songs, but I felt they worked well together to make themselves fit on the album, and I think they are a good bridge from my previous albums, plus Orca is a good closing to the album.

-Organic Rock-  By Jesse J. Smith-Organic Rock-  By Jesse J. Smith

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