This page explains the terms of use for this site, and some of its features.

While sharing with others is an important part of music & is encouraged,
these rules must be put into place to protect the artist from those who would exploit the artist.

All content, including the website, text, music, and picture files, are protected by law.
You may download any of the content on this site you wish for future viewing, but you are permitted so for private, noncommercial use only.
You may not sell, broadcast, perform, publish, or disrtibute any of this site or its content,
directly or indirectly, without the written, personal permission from the appropriate rights holders.
All rights are reserved. Unethical use of this site and its content is prohibited.
You may share links to entire pages, but you may not upload, file share, or provide a direct link to any file.

All personal information obtained from you through orders, such as mailing & e-mailing addresses, will be properly guarded and never shared or sold.

If a purchase is defective, or there is a problem with your order, please email us right away so we can take care of it.

Foreign orders from outside the U.S. may incur additional charges not from Grand World Music, such as taxes, duties, etc., all of which will be the responsibilty of the buyer to pay. If you do recieve such additional charge, please let us know.

Online money transactions are handled entirely through Paypal. Grand World Music only provides a purchase link to the Paypal website; we do not handle any card numbers. The only information we will view and collect will be the purchasers name & address for shipping purposes, and that information will only be provided to us from Paypal upon a successful transaction between you & Paypal.

Current contact information can be found in the Mail section of this site.

Features of this Website

Holding the mouse still over certain links (pictures, song files, text) may produce a text box containing information as to where the link goes, if it opens a new window, or more details about what the link or file is.

The large title boxes at the top of each page, when clicked, will send you back to that page's main category page. So, if you were viewing a particular album's page, clicking the title of that page (located at the top) would send you to the Artist Page, where the links to all the albums are located. If there are no more categories, clicking the title will send you to the Main Entrance Page. Holding the mouse still over the title link will produce a text box that will also tell you where the link leads.

All links and pictures that open new windows will tell you so in a text box when you hold the mouse still over the link or picture.

At the bottom of every page, are the links to all main pages.

If you have any trouble with any part of this website or with the media files, please let us know through the "questions" e-mail address.

Thank You.

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