Electric Style
-Electric Style-  By Jesse J. Smith

Jesse J. Smith

This is the fifth album by me, and my first complete new album in seven years. It is a continuation of the rock effort from my previous album, Organic Rock. The record contains lots of electric rock guitar, yet each song is quite different sounding & unique. I'm proud of this return album; including the artwork, which the pictures (including the cover) are actually photographs I took, and not drawn or computer generated/manipulated. This album also comes with a second disc of single versions.

Use the "Download Sample" link to save individual song samples to your computer.
Individual song samples are 320k mp3's, and are about a minute in length.
The "Download" link is a 320k mp3 song, and is all 12 album samples edited together into one big track.

Disc 1
Electric Style

Electric Style
(All 12 samples together as one song file - 26mb / 11min)

1- Panzora's Riot
Download Sample
2- Sky Palace
Download Sample
3- Big-Rig
Download Sample
4- The Condenser Knowledge
Download Sample
5- Go-Rock
Download Sample
6- Overdriver
Download Sample
7- Arizona Ninja 2
Download Sample
8- The Devil's Exit
Download Sample
9- Hydra
Download Sample
10- Spotlight
Download Sample
11- Spirits of the Waterfall
Download Sample
12- Consequences Won't Ignore You

Download Sample
13- Space Hum 14- Revocrednuht 15- Space Hum

Disc 2
Alternate, Single & Split Versions

1- Panzora's Riot (Single Version 2- Sky Palace (Single Version 3- Big-Rig (Single Version
4- The Condenser Knowledge (Single Version 1 5- Go-Rock (Single Version ((Part I 6- Go-Rock (Single Version ((Part II
7- Overdriver (Single Version 8- Arizona Ninja 2 (Single Version 9- The Devil's Exit (Single Version
10- Hydra (Single Version 11- Spotlight (Single Version 12- Spirits of the Waterfall (Single Version
13- Consequences Won't Ignore You (Single Version 14- Space Hum 15- Noisrev Elgnis VS) Revocrednuht (Single Version
16- Consequences Won't Ignore You (Part II 17- Consequences Won't Ignore You (Part I 18- The Devil's Exit (Single Version 2

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-Electric Style-  By Jesse J. Smith-Electric Style-  By Jesse J. Smith

Album Description
Instrumental Rock, Hard Rock & Electronica.
There's no compression or EQ changes, so EQ'ing your stereo to flat will give you the true sound of your speakers & the record.

The second disc is set to the same track order, but edited to shorter song lengths. Some songs are split into multiple tracks as well, and some may have changed arrangements. This alternative disc can be played as is, or used to mix your own special version of the album.

Album Details:
2 CD-R Compact Discs
33 Tracks - 126 minutes
Disc One - 15 Tracks / 66 min
Disc Two - 18 Tracks / 59 min
Standard size 2 disc jewel case with full color art
Six page booklet

Performed, Written & Recorded By:
Jesse J. Smith

Recording Details:
This album was recorded with an old, high-end, digital mixer/recorder; with Electric Guitars, Electric Bass, Tube Amps, a Keyboard, Wah, Cymbals, Microphones, Delay, Distortion, Octave Fuzz, Flanger, Phase Shifter, Chimes, Chorus & Reverb. These songs were made between April 2008 & July 2013.

Song Information:
 Panzora's Riot: Coming Soon

 Sky Palace: Coming Soon

-Electric Style-  By Jesse J. Smith-Electric Style-  By Jesse J. Smith

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